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Veruca Salt – Eight Arms to Hold You

Eight Arms to Hold You is the second studio album by alternative rock band Veruca Salt, released in February 1997.

I snagged this CD from my daughter when she moved to college, this is a great album. She forgot about this band until recently when we were talking about bands and music.

1. “Straight” 2:32

2. “Volcano Girls” 3:18

3. “Don’t Make Me Prove It” 2:29

4. “Awesome” 3:32

5. “One Last Time” 4:45

6. “With David Bowie” 2:25

7. “Benjamin” 4:05

8. “Shutterbug” 4:16

9. “The Morning Sad” 3:08

10. “Sound of the Bell” 3:59

11. “Loneliness Is Worse” 5:00

12. “Stoneface” 2:44

13. “Venus Man Trap” 3:29

14. “Earthcrosser” 5:28

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Alice In Chains – Dirt

Dirt is the second studio album by the rock band Alice in Chains, released in September 1992. 

I love this album! 

1. “Them Bones” 2:30

2. “Dam That River” 3:09

3. “Rain When I Die” 6:01

4. “Sickman” 5:29

5. “Rooster” 6:15

6. “Junkhead” 5:09

7. “Dirt” 5:16

8. “God Smack” 3:56

9. “Untitled”  0:43

10. “Hate to Feel” 5:15

11. “Angry Chair” 4:48

12. “Down in a Hole” 5:38

13. “Would?” 3:23

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Nazareth – Razamanaz

Razamanaz is the third studio album by the Scottish band Nazareth, released in 1973. It was the band’s first LP record to break the charts and was produced by Deep Purple’s Roger Glover.

When I first heard Nazareth I knew their music was up my alley. Good old loud rock and roll even though some of their songs are on the quieter side.

1. “Razamanaz” 3:52

2. “Alcatraz” 4:23

3. “Vigilante Man” 5:21

4. “Woke Up This Morning” 3:53

5. “Night Woman” 3:29

6. “Bad, Bad Boy” 3:55

7. “Sold My Soul” 4:49

8. “Too Bad, Too Sad” 2:55

9. “Broken Down Angel”

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Damn the Torpedoes 

Damn the Torpedoes is the third album by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers released on October 20, 1979. I’ve always enjoyed this album …. many hits on this one. I remember buying this album like it was yesterday.

R.I.P. Tom.

Side one

1. “Refugee” Petty, Mike Campbell 3:22

2. “Here Comes My Girl” Petty, Campbell 4:27

3. “Even the Losers” Petty 3:59

4. “Shadow of a Doubt (A Complex Kid)” Petty 4:25

5. “Century City” Petty 3:45

Side Two

No. Title Writer(s) Length

6. “Don’t Do Me Like That” Petty 2:44

7. “You Tell Me” Petty 4:35

8. “What Are You Doin’ in My Life” Petty 3:27

9. “Louisiana Rain” Petty 5:54

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Traffic – On The Road

On The Road is a live album by the rock band Traffic, released in 1973 and recorded live in Germany.

My copy is only a one record album and I’m not sure why, it’s supposed to be a 2 record set.

Clean sound definitely has jazz and progressive rock influence. Haven’t heard this one in a long long time and it was surprisingly good.

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Foo Fighters – Back and Fourth documentary

Dave Grohl and other members of the Foo Fighters discuss the band’s music. The initial release was March 15, 2011 and directed by James Moll.

Excellent documentary showing the struggles of putting band members together that are compatible with each other. Interesting to watch where all these musicians came from.

Must watch!

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Uriah Heep – Look at Yourself

Look at Yourself is the third album by British rock band Uriah Heep released in 1971.

My wife and I have the same album, naturally hers is in better shape than mine. This album has a loud rock sound along with some quieter moments. Uriah Heep is classified as progressive rock and heavy metal.

I’ve always like this album and thought it was time for another spin.
Side one

1. “Look at Yourself” 5:09

2. “I Wanna Be Free” 4:00

3. “July Morning” 10:32

Side two

4. “Tears in My Eyes” 5:01

5. “Shadows of Grief” 8:39

6. “What Should Be Done” 4:15

7. “Love Machine” 3:37