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The Tubes – The Tubes

The Tubes is the debut album by The Tubes In 1975. My two favourite songs on this album is “White Punks on Dope” and “What Do You Want From Life”.

I had this album originally on 8 track which dried out and broke. In April 2018 my son in law and I were walking down Selma Ave in Los Angeles and came across The Record Parlour which sells used albums and more. I was looking through boxes and boxes of used records and low and behold I found this baby.

It’s a great album with lots of different unique sounds, each song reminds me of other bands.

Side One

1 “Up from the Deep” (The Tubes, Ray Trainer) – 4:28

2 “Haloes” (Al Kooper, Bill Spooner, Roger Steen) – 4:53

3 “Space Baby” (Bill Spooner, Mike Carpenter, Vince Welnick) – 4:25

4 “Malagueña Salerosa” (Pedro Galindo, Elpidio Ramirez) – 3:52

Side Two

1 “Mondo Bondage” (The Tubes) – 4:34

2 “What Do You Want from Life?” (Bill Spooner, Michael Evans) – 4:01

3 “Boy Crazy” (Bill Spooner) – 4:09

4 “White Punks on Dope” (Bill Spooner, Roger Steen, Michael Evans) – 6:49

Albums, Classic Rock, Hard rock, music, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Records, Rock, Rock and Roll

Queen – A Night At The Opera

A Night at the Opera is the fourth album by the rock band Queen, released in November 11975. It was the most expensive album ever recorded at the time of its release.

The movie Wayne’s World made Bohemian Rapsody a huge hit. When I bought this album, I’m thinking to myself that this is a very unique album. The sound is similar to the earlier Queen albums but different.

Definite must have in your record collection.

Side one

1. “Death on Two Legs 3:43

2. “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” 1:08

3. “I’m in Love with My Car” 3:05

4. “You’re My Best Friend” 2:50

5. “’39” 3:30

6. “Sweet Lady” 4:01

7. “Seaside Rendezvous” 2:13

Side two

8. “The Prophet’s Song” 8:21

9. “Love of My Life” 3:38

10. “Good Company” 3:26

11. “Bohemian Rhapsody” 5:57

12. “God Save the Queen” 

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Pink Floyd – Delicate Sound of Thunder

Delicate Sound of Thunder is a double live album by Pink Floyd which was recorde at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, New York. It was released on November 22 1988.

Great live album, great sound.

A few years ago one of my employees got to see these guys in Winnipeg, Manitoba and he said it was the best live concert he’s ever seen. Should of went!

Side one

1. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” Waters/Gilmour/Wright 20 August 1988 11:53

2. “Learning to Fly” Gilmour/Ezrin/Carin/Moore 21 August 1988 5:27

3. “Yet Another Movie” Gilmour/Leonard 19 August 1988 6:21

4. “Round and Around” Gilmour 19 August 1988 0:33

Side two

5. “Sorrow” Gilmour 23 August 1988 9:28

6. “The Dogs of War” Gilmour/Moore 21 August 1988 7:18

7. “On the Turning Away” Gilmour/Moore 21 August 1988 7:58

Side three

1. “One of These Days” Waters/Gilmour/Mason/Wright 23 August 1988 6:15

2. “Time” Waters/Gilmour/Mason/Wright 19 August 1988 5:16

3. “Money” Waters 23 August 1988 9:52

4. “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)” Waters 19 August 1988 5:28

Side four

5. “Wish You Were Here” Waters/Gilmour 20 August 1988 4:49

6. “Comfortably Numb” Gilmour/Waters 23 August 1988 8:56

7. “Run Like Hell” Waters/Gilmour 21 August 1988 7:12

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Blue Oyster Cult – Secret Treaties

Secret Treaties is the third album by Blue Öyster Cult, released in 1974 by Columbia Records. The album spent 14 weeks in the US album charts.

I’ve always enjoyed this album, the sounds go from heavy to lighting a heart beat. Very unique distinct sound. This one is a must listen to.

Side one

1. “Career of Evil” 3:59

2. “Subhuman” 4:39

3. “Dominance and Submission” 5:23

4. “ME 262” 4:48

Side two

5. “Cagey Cretins” 3:16

6. “Harvester of Eyes” 4:42

7. “Flaming Telepaths” 5:20

8. “Astronomy” 6:28

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Rock Covers by Taschen books

I received this book as a Fathers Day gift from my daughter. 

There are approximately 750 rock covers in this book ranging from well known bands and the very obscure. Cover album is Pink Floyd and the back cover is Joe Cocker.

I’ve got many record albums in my collection that are highlighted in this book. The interesting part of this book is the number of bands from the 70’s that I’ve never heard of. I went to iTunes to look some of them up and the bands are very excellent and now I want to buy some online.