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Mahogany Rush – Maxoom

Maxoom is the 1973 debut studio album by the Canadian rock band Mahogany Rush. It was also the debut of Frank Marino as the band’s producer. All songs are are written by Frank Marino and the album was dedicated to Jimi Hendrix. The Mahogany Rush sound is the Canadian “Jimi Hendrix”. Great album, great sound!

Track Listing:

1 “Maxoom” – 2:52

2 “Buddy” – 3:39

3 “Magic Man” – 2:29

4 “Funky Woman” – 3:15

5 “Madness” – 4:51

6 “All in Your Mind” – 3:13

7 “Blues” – 7:08

8 “Boardwalk Lady” – 2:37

9 “Back on Home” – 3:16

10 “The New Beginning” – 1:52

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Alice Cooper – Billion Dollar Babies

Billion Dollar Babies is the sixth studio album by Alice Cooper, released in 1973.

When I bought this album as teenager my friends and I were like wow, what an album. I love every song on this record. If you’ve never heard it now is the time, pay attention to the lyrics.

Track listing:

Hello Hooray” 4:15

“Raped and Freezin'” 3:19

Elected” 4:05

Billion Dollar Babies” 3:43

“Unfinished Sweet” 6:18

No More Mr. Nice Guy” 3:06

“Generation Landslide” 4:31

“Sick Things” 4:18

“Mary Ann” 2:21

“I Love the Dead” 5:09

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Blue Oyster Cult – Secret Treaties

Secret Treaties is the third album by Blue Öyster Cult, released in 1974 by Columbia Records. The album spent 14 weeks in the US album charts.

I’ve always enjoyed this album, the sounds go from heavy to lighting a heart beat. Very unique distinct sound. This one is a must listen to.

Side one

1. “Career of Evil” 3:59

2. “Subhuman” 4:39

3. “Dominance and Submission” 5:23

4. “ME 262” 4:48

Side two

5. “Cagey Cretins” 3:16

6. “Harvester of Eyes” 4:42

7. “Flaming Telepaths” 5:20

8. “Astronomy” 6:28

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Rock Covers by Taschen books

I received this book as a Fathers Day gift from my daughter. 

There are approximately 750 rock covers in this book ranging from well known bands and the very obscure. Cover album is Pink Floyd and the back cover is Joe Cocker.

I’ve got many record albums in my collection that are highlighted in this book. The interesting part of this book is the number of bands from the 70’s that I’ve never heard of. I went to iTunes to look some of them up and the bands are very excellent and now I want to buy some online.

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Jimi Hendrix – Here My Train A Comin


This is a documentary about one of the greatest guitarists from the 70’s.

Too bad Jimi went to England to prove to everyone that he had what it takes. The British loved his music, he came back to the USA and was a huge hit.

His music was dubbed acid rock.

When I was a teenager in the 70’s a couple of my buddies would play Purple Haze and Foxy Lady on their instruments down in their basement.

Excellent documentary.