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Mott The Hoople – The Hoople

The Hoople is a 1974 album by the band Mott the Hoople from Britain. It’s the only album to feature guitarist Ariel Bender (who replaced Mick Ralphs following his departure to form Bad Company), and the last album to feature vocalist Ian Hunter before his departure for a solo career.

I’ve had this album since 1974, this band has a different sound but very catchy songs. 

LP side A:

“The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll” – 3:26

“Marionette” – 5:08

“Alice” – 5:20

“Crash Street Kidds” – 4:31

LP side B:

“Born Late ’58” (Overend Watts) – 4:00
“Trudi’s Song” – 4:26

“Pearl ‘n’ Roy (England)” – 4:31

“Through the Looking Glass” – 4:37

“Roll Away the Stone” – 3:10


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