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Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon


This album was released in 1973 this album is a classic.

It’s hit Money is one song that is played even in 2015.

1. Speak to Me Mason Instrumental 1:13
2. Breathe Waters, Gilmour, Wright Gilmour 2:46
3. On the Run Gilmour, Waters Instrumental 3:35
4. Time Mason, Waters, Wright, Gilmour Gilmour, Wright 7:04
5. The Great Gig in the Sky Wright, Clare Torry[nb 11] Torry 4:48
Side two
No. Title Music Lead vocals Length
6. Money Waters Gilmour 6:23
7. Us and Them Waters, Wright Gilmour, Wright 7:50
8. Any Colour You Like Gilmour, Mason, Wright Instrumental 3:25
9. Brain Damage Waters Waters 3:50
10. Eclipse Waters Waters 2:03

One thought on “Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

  1. Jeremy Cleek says:

    This album is what got me into Pink Floyd. I expected the slow build intro to go into something big and fast, but instead they build to this crescendo and then pull back to such a mellow, chill, super cool sound that makes you want to sink into your chair and sip a nice whisky. Or do shrooms. From what I hear.

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