Rush by Rush


This blog goes out to my son in law Jeremy Cleek.

This is the first album that Rush released and it’s excellent.

My favourite song on this album has to be Working Man. When this album came out in 1974, my freinds and I rushed (no punn intended) to the record store to purchase it. We listened to it and loved it ….. and were we surprised to find out that they were Canadian. We were like WOW this can’t be they’re too good.

Rush set the stage for many bands from Canada to make it big, they gave people hope. My second favourite song is Take A Friend.

Any comments on this one?


One thought on “Rush by Rush

  1. Jeremy Cleek says:

    Working Man is the best song. I also like Here Again. It’s a little Pink Floyd, a little bluesy. It’s a great album, but in retrospect it seems like they were still searching for their voice. Their next album, Fly By Night, starts out with an exciting new sound in the intro to its first song Anthem. This is the beginning of Rush. With their new drummer, Mr. Neil Peart. Without him, they wouldn’t be able to pull off songs like The Spirit of the Radio.

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