Alice Cooper – Killer


This is my ultimate Alice Cooper album that was released in 1971. The cool thing about this album is that it came with a poster that is perforated to the cover, sooooo you rip it off and hang it in your bedroom, right? Now the funny thing about the poster is my wife and I have the same album. My album is scratched to hell and hers is mint, my poster is lost and hers is still attached to the album. I guess that’s one difference between a man and a woman.

We had a chance to see Alice Cooper in Saskatoon about 6 or 7 years ago, they performed the entire Killer album plus some other songs. The funny thing about this concert is that we partied with his band and daughter Calico the night before the performance. His road crew and band members saw us the next day and treated us like we were celebs, we even got into the green room after the concert.

I pretty much like the entire album with no favorites. Here is a list of the songs so let me know which are your favorites:

Side one: Under my Wheels, Be My Lover, Halo of Flies and Desperado.

Side two: You Drive Me Nervous, Yeah,Yeah,Yeah, Dead Babies and Killer.



2 thoughts on “Alice Cooper – Killer

  1. Jeremy Cleek says:

    My first exposure to Alice Cooper was Wayne’s World. I liked the song on the soundtrack, so I bought a greatest hits album. It was old Alice Cooper, and I was like, “this ain’t heavy metal!” But then of course the music grew on me. I’ll listen to this album this week and let you know which song(s) I like the best.

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