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My top three songs on this album are Dazed and Confused, Good Times Bad Times and Communication Breakdown.

I’ve always loved Dazed and Confused. By the way has any one seen the Movie Dazed and Confused? That is exactly how my senior year was … without the paddles of course but everything is pretty much on target. The music, the parties and the other stuff that’s happening in it.

The other cool thing about this album is the song Communication Breakdown …. I made this song my ringtone.

Here is a list of the songs to the album in order, please let me know which are your favourites:

Good Times Bad Times

Babe I’m Gonna Leave You

You Shook Me

Dazed and Confused

Your Time is Gonna Come

Black Mountain Side

Communication Breakdown

I Can’t Quit You Baby

How Many More Times

Please let me know your top three picks.

Talk to ya later.


Led Zepplin 1


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