The reason for this blog is to share my album collection with others and get feedback on each album. I’m a music junkie from the 1970’s to present. I have various formats starting with records, eight track tapes, cassette tapes, compact disks and now digital. I missed the late eighties and early nineties due to working too much. My daughter inspired me to get back into listening to music in the mid to late nineties, she introduced me to Nirvana, No Doubt, Green Day just to name a few.

My wife bought me an Ipod for Christmas approximately nine years ago. I transferred all of my CD’s to digital, converted some of my albums as well.

Over time I will upload an image of an album in my collection and would be thrilled to get your comments and feedback on each one. The first one I already uploaded was Led Zepplin’s first album, a true classic.


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