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Royal Blood – Royal Blood

Royal Blood is the debut studio album by British rock duo Royal Blood. The album was released by Warner Bros. Records in August 2014.

My favourite song on this album is Little Monster. Great sound, great album. You have to give it a listen.

1. “Out of the Black



Come On Over



Figure It Out



“You Can Be So Cruel”



“Blood Hands”



Little Monster



“Loose Change”






“Ten Tonne Skeleton”



“Better Strangers”


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Led Zeppelin – Houses of the Holy

Houses of the Holy is the fifth studio album by the rock band Led Zeppelin, released in March 1973 by Atlantic Records. As soon as I purchased this album I loved it, this is my 5th Led Zeppelin album. This group is one of the iconic bands of all time.

I love each song on this album! If you haven’t listened to Led Zeppelin before…get at it.

Track Listing:

Side one






The Song Remains the Same

Jimmy Page Robert Plant



The Rain Song

▪ Page Plant



Over the Hills and Far Away

▪ Page Plant



The Crunge

John Bonham John Paul Jones Page Plant


Side two






Dancing Days

▪ Page Plant



D’yer Mak’er

▪ Bonham Jones Page Plant



No Quarter

▪ Jones Page Plant



The Ocean

▪ Bonham Jones Page Plant


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Max Webster – Live Magnetic Air

Live Magnetic Air is a live album by Canadian rock band Max Webster. The album (pardon the shrink wrap) was released in 1979 and was certified gold. The big hit on this album is Paradise Skies.

I’ve always liked Max Webster and Kim Mitchell, Great Canadian Band. The sound on this album is rock/Yes like. Kim Mitchell went on to be a bigger act than Max Webster.

Track Listing:

1 America’s Veins” (Kim Mitchell, Pye Dubois)

2 “Paradise Skies” (Mitchell, Dubois)

3 “In Context Of The Moon” (Mitchell, Dubois)

4 “Night Flights” (Terry Watkinson, Dubois)

5 “Lip Service” (Mitchell, Dubois)

6 “Sarniatown Reggae” (Mitchell, Dubois)

7 “Here Among The Cats” (Mitchell, Dubois)

8 “Gravity” (Mitchell, Dubois)

9 “Waterline” (Mitchell, Dubois)

10 “Charmonium” (Watkinson)

11 “Hangover” (Mitchell, Dubois)

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Cheech & Chong’s – Wedding Album

Cheech & Chong’s Wedding Album is a 1974 comedy album by Cheech & Chong. These two guys (Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong) are hilarious, the first day I brought home this album it made me laugh.

These guys have a few movies out also, the one I remember the most is “Up in Smoke”. It’s just a funny stupid show that got away with a lot in the day.

Track Listing:

Side 1

1 Championship Wrestling

2 The Other Tapes

3 Testimonial by R. Zimmerman

4 Hey Margaret

5Earache My Eye (featuring Alice Bowie)

Side 2

1 Wake Up America

2Black Lassie (A Great American Dog)

3 Wake Up America (Conclusion)

4 The Baby Sitters featuring Pedro & Man

5 The Three Little Pigs

6 Coming Attractions

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Bob & Doug McKenzie – Great White North

The Great White North is a Canadian comedy album by the fictional television characters Bob and Doug McKenzie (portrayed by actors Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas), released in 1981 by Anthem Records.

I had a request yesterday from coffee row to blog this comedy album. When I first bought this record I couldn’t quit laughing. It’s pretty stupid when you think of it, the big hit off it is “Twelve Days of Christmas”. I had the opportunity to let my son in law listen to it lately and he thought it was funny.

This is just a funny, dumb and brainless album that you should listen to. This album is based on the SCTV skit that was on a Canadian Network.

Track Listing:

1 This is our album, eh?” – 3:40

2 “The Beerhunter” – 2:23 This sketch is a beer-drinking game based on The Deerhunter: Russian Roulette with beer cans.

3 “School Announcements” – 1:52 This sketch features Doug (Thomas) as a school vice-principal who encourages his charges to “have a beer and talk” at his office.

4 “The Miracle of Music” – 0:41

5 “Peter’s Donuts” – 3:02

6 “Gimme A Smoke” – 1:59

7 “Take Off” – 4:45 This track features singing by guest vocalist Geddy Lee of Rush[9]

8 “Coffee Sandwich” – 2:26

9 “Welcome to Side Two” – 0:58

10 “Doug’s Mouth” – 3:33

11 “Elron McKenzie” – 2:28

12 “Black Holes” – 2:06 There is a backwards message on this track.

13 “You Are Our Guest” – 2:14 The duo’s exaggerated accents pronounce “are” and “our” as homophones for comedic effect. Listeners play the “guest” by reading the enclosed script.

14 “Ernie’s Mom” – 1:54

15 “The Twelve Days of Christmas” – 4:42

16 “Ralph The Dog” – 3:11

17 “Okay, This is the End, eh?” – 1:57

18 “Honest” – 0:31

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Wishbone Ash – Live Dates

Live Dates is the first live album by the British rock band Wishbone Ash released in 1973. I have their fourth album also (Wishbone Four), this band is categorize as progressive rock and rock and roll. They have a unique sound and excellent quality to their music. Another great find at Amoeba Records.

Track listing:

1 The King Will Come” [A] – 7:44

2 “Warrior” [C] – 5:57

3 “Throw Down the Sword” [C] – 6:08

4 “Rock ‘n Roll Widow” [B] – 6:08

5 “Ballad of the Beacon” [B] – 5:22

6 “Baby What You Want Me to Do” [D] – 7:48

7 “The Pilgrim” [B] – 9:14

8 “Blowin’ Free” [A] – 5:31

9 “Jail Bait” [A] – 4:37

10 “Lady Whiskey” [B] – 5:57

11 “Phoenix” [A] – 17:23

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The Tubes – Remote Control

Remote Control is the fifth album released by The Tubes. This was their first to be produced by Todd Rundgren.

I bought their debut album ” The Tubes ” on eight track however it broke. That first album is the only reason why I know who The Tubes are. I found this one at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles … it’s not a bad album. Their sound is a mix of punk, new wave and rock, you have to check them out.

Track listing:

1 Turn Me On” – 4:10

2 “T.V. Is King” – 3:08

3 “Prime Time” – 3:15

4 “I Want It All Now” – 4:27

5 “No Way Out” – 3:22

6 “Getoverture” (instrumental) – 3:23

7 “No Mercy” – 3:27

8 “Only the Strong Survive” – 3:54

9 “Be Mine Tonight” – 3:30

10 “Love’s a Mystery (I Don’t Understand)” – 3:27

11 “Telecide” – 5:41